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[Tor Risponde] Senators

Thu, 07/02/2013 - 17:23 -- Visitatore (not verified)


The category of Senators includes all of runners who concluded all of the three editions of the Tor des Géants (2010- 2011- 2012). These runners are entitled to participate in the fourth edition, without being in the official draw.

The Senators will have to complete the pre-registration form for their participation by February, 14th. For the last registration, they have to pay the fee (400 €).

The Senators of the Tor des Géants 2013 are 26:

-          Giancarlo Annovazzi

-          Marco Berni

-          Thierry Blondeau

-          Claudio Cheraz

-          Massimo Colle

-          Chiara Colonnello

-          Alexandre Forestieri

-          Marco Galletto

-          Ruggiero Isernia

-          Beat Jagerlehner

-          Romain Jouffroy

-          Pierre Henri Jouneau

-          Claude Lambin

-          Janne Marin

-          Oskar Martin

-          Luciano Micheletti

-          Luigi Ploner

-          Stefano Puiati

-          Franco Re

-          Raymond Rebischung

-          Gigi Riz

-          Mauro Saroglia

-          Max Savio

-          Arnaud Simard

-          Pietro Simonini

-          Jean Michel Touron

To get Senator nomination, these 26 athletes will be “Finisher Edition 2013”, too.


Example | Giulio is a Senator of the Tor des Géants!

Giulio is a finalist of the three editions of the Tor des Géants, so he is a Senator.

He decided to make the fourth edition.

1. Pre-register until February, 14th and paying the fee of 10 €.

2. The system will recognize him as a Senator and he will entered in the list of candidates for the final registration.

3. Giulio should pay the fee of 400 euro on time about the regulation ( and concluding  his final registration.

4. If  he will decide to retreat from the race, he loses his position as Senator.

5. If  he will forced to withdraw during the event, he loses his position as Senator.

6. If he finishes the race, he can get his title of Senator for the edition 2014.

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