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Tor and Torrette: A giant toast

Wed, 27/05/2015 - 19:22 -- amministratore

Here is the wine with the Tor des Géants® 2015 label, produced only this year in a limited and numbered edition of 330 great bottles. As many as the number of kilometres in the Tor.

And it is not just any wine: classified Torrette Supérieur Doc, and obtained from four traditional varieties exclusive to the Valle d'Aosta: predominantly Petit Rouge, with percentages of Majolet, Cornalin and Fumin, which have always given value to the ancient wine-growing region. Produced by the Cave Des Onze Comunes in Aymavilles, it will be offered in the Jeroboam format (or double Magnum), i.e. in three-litre bottles. Perfect, therefore, for a group dinner or to celebrate a very special occasion which the Tor certainly is.

The Tor-labelled wine, now in the ageing phase in wooden barrels, will be available from 1 September priced at 124 Euros, in addition to shipping costs (not a consideration for those who prefer to withdraw to Courmayeur during the week of the Tor). An appropriate price considering the rarity and quality of the product, its unique numbered label, the quantity of wine contained in each bottle (equal to that of four traditional bottles), and its packaging in a nut-shaped box with handle and hinges made of the same wood. Both the organisers of the Tor and the Cave Des Onze Comunes in Aymavilles will pay a percentage of the proceeds to charity.

How to aquire this precious Tourette? Reserve it now by sending an email to [email protected] or to the organisers of the Tor ([email protected]).