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Instagram Contest

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 12:11 -- amministratore

Photos of your Tor – third edition

For the third year, Tor des Géants, the most demanding endurance trail in the world,  which will take place from September 7th to 14th, renew its partnership with Instagramers Valle d’Aosta for the contest “ Photos of your Tor”

How to participate

Upload on Instagram your pics using the tags # tdg2014 and #igervsalledaosta  taking inspiration from this values:

·      nature and mountains;

·      competition, endurance, challenge;

·      friendship and meeting people;

·      solidarity;

·      adventure and discovery.

It is also established a new category: pics representing  the volunteers, one of the truly soul of Tor des Géants.


The contest is promoted by the Tor des Géants organization together with Instagramers Valle d’Aosta

Aim: By using the Instagram application, professionals or just plain enthusiasts will be able to immortalise the theme which best represents the Tor des Géants® endurance trail.

In addition, a special section is dedicated to pics representing the Tor’s volunteer.

Participation in the photography challenge is completely free.

The photos must be uploaded using the Instagram app. They must contain the tags # tdg2014 and #igervsalledaosta.

They must be uploaded between Saturday 6th September and 5.30 p.m. on Saturday 13th September 2014.

The photos must be taken during the race and must depict scenarios/situations which represent one of the ‘themes’ of the race and/or the volunteers.

Taking part in the contest automatically gives the organisers (Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley and the sporting association VDA trailers s.s.d.r.l.) the right to use the images for promoting the territory and race, for non-commercial purposes.


The received photos will be examined by a specially assigned Technical Judging Panel who will evaluate their effect and emotional impact. The most representative pic judged as winner in the general section and the most representative pic in the volunteers section will be announced in Courmayeur on Sunday 14th September 2014 at 11.00 am during the prize giving cerimony at the Courmayeur Forum Sport Center.