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Francesca Canepa triumphs at Courmayeur

Fri, 05/10/2012 - 11:28 -- Visitatore (not verified)

Finished at last! Francesca Canepa, the first woman to finish the Tor des Géants 2012, crossed the finishing line at Courmayeur at 1.13pm, receiving an euphoric cheer from the town in which she was born and lives. Francesca took 99 hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds to finish the Tor.

Perez, Millet and Le Saux, the first three finishers, waited for Francesca a few metres before the finishing line. Perez lifted the female champion onto his shoulders, and they crossed the line together. Given the time, students from Courmayeur's schools, from the nursery to the middle schools, joined in the celebrations, contributing greatly to the enthusiasm, passion and joy of this great moment.

"You don't win a race like this on your own", were Francesca's first words. "People cheered me on with great energy, all along the route. Indeed, one lady even chased me to give me a lucky charm. The hardest part? Last night, when I briefly lost the past due to the bad weather. Luckily I was with other racers and we found the path again together".

Saroglia also crossed the finishing line today, just under an hour earlier, followed by Rossel, Gueraud, Beretta and Voeffray, a few minutes later.